History of the kimono

A kimono, which literally translates as “a thing to wear” is a Japanese style full length robe. The garment is steeped in history from years of importance to the Japanese people and their history and culture.

Kimono’s are typically T-shaped robes worn down towards the ankle and with wide sleeves. They come in a variety of styles and colors and are most commonly worn by women in Japan. It is also very common to see a sumo wrestler wear a kimono as they are expected to wear some kind of traditional Japanese dress when walking around in public.

The kimono seems to have much historical significance to that of the Chinese people, with similarity to traditional Han Chinese clothing. It appears that the clothing was first adopted by the Japanese as early as the 5th century and it is still frequently worn today.

Kimonos are normally sewn by hand and made of silk or silk crepe and often have some satin weave. Polyester and cotton kimonos are often found in Japan today and are a cheaper variant.

Kimonos are also seasonal. There are different colours for different seasons, such as water colors for the winter months whilst bold red colors can be seen in the summer and fall months. We have a very wide selection at our showroom for your perusal.

Kimonos in Shibuya

Kimonos in Shibuya


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